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China joins the push for fossil fuel free cars

In 2016, Germany made the bold proclamation that it would reduce its carbon emissions by 95 percent by 2050. One of the ways it planned to reach this ambitious goal include a plea to European nations to ban the sale of new gasoline or diesel-powered cars by 2030. By the summer of 2017 France had [...]

The Legislative Challenge behind Self-Driving Cars

Attitudes about self-driving cars differ greatly, to some degree between generations and to another between those with varying commitment to the world of high tech. I, for instance, am not at all sure I’m comfortable with the idea while my teenaged son cannot wait for the concept to be the only game in town. When [...]

The race for self-driving cars moves east to China and opens up

My teenager has been predicting the coming of self-driving cars since before he could actually drive himself. Growing up with technology as he has, he is completely ready to submit control over decision making, even having to pay attention so he can focus on his phone’s playlist, to the vehicle and to just go along [...]

The Towing Game – Tow Truck vs Tug Boat

You often hear stories of people towing things they really shouldn’t be towing with their pick-up trucks and SUVs, all in the name of being able to ‘tow stuff.’ It made me wonder what kinds of crazy things people have dreamed up to have tow trucks demonstrate their strength, beyond the animated Godzilla vs tow [...]

Is Apple, or is it not, working on developing a car?

With self-driving cars a growing possibility, rumors are flaring again that Apple may be, or may not be, working to develop its own autonomous car. Of course, the rumors have been pretty active, and pretty inconsistent, since about 2015, with talk about engineers at work on various projects, projects being shelved, potential investment in auto [...]

Autonomous cars – Are they on the horizon or not?

My teenage son has been predicting the coming of autonomous cars for the past several years. As a child of the age of technology, he thinks this will be the most amazing advance in everyday living since the microwave oven and fully anticipates it will happen – and soon. Me, I’m not so sure. Exactly [...]


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