5 Tips to Help You Avoid Being Towed

Have you ever returned to a parking lot to find your car being towed?

If so, you’ll know how frustrating it is for any driver. You have places to be and things to do — but you need to put your plans on hold until you retrieve your car.

The best way to save yourself from this situation is to avoid being towed in the first place. And we’ve created five simple tips to help you do that.

Watch out for firefighter access

Firefighters must have access to the locations and equipment they need to save lives and property in emergencies. Poor parking choices could interfere with that, creating a safety risk and leaving you with a fee to pay to get your car back.

Never position your vehicle in a spot where it could disrupt firefighters’ work. Specifically, avoid parking within 15 feet of a:

  • Fire hydrant
  • Fire lane
  • Fire station driveway

If the only parking space available on a street is close to one of these fixtures, and you’re not sure whether it’s within 15 feet or not, leave your car somewhere else just to be sure.

Pay your parking tickets

Have you got five or more unpaid parking citations?

You could be in danger of being towed — even if you’re parked legally!

Pay your parking tickets as soon as possible to avoid debts building up. That’s not always easy, of course, so your best option is to keep the car at home until you can clear your payment backlog. Otherwise, your car could be towed at any time.

Never block traffic flow

It’s common for cars to be towed when a driver obstructs the flow of traffic or poses a safety risk.

Even if you’re in a rush to get somewhere, never leave your vehicle parked in a spot that could cause problems for other drivers. For example, you could park near a parking lot entrance without realizing that you’re creating an issue.

But ignorance is no excuse: focus on your surroundings when parking in an unfamiliar area, and be aware of traffic movement in relation to your car.

Make sure your registration is in order

A tow truck driver could take your car away if you have:

  • No license plates on your vehicle
  • No registration
  • A registration six months or more out of date
  • Forged registration and/or license plates

Don’t take chances with your registration and licenses. Ensure they stay in date to prevent your car from being towed.

Not a customer? Don’t park

Never use a business’s parking lot if:

  • You don’t intend to go inside
  • Signs indicate that it’s for customers only

For instance, if you leave your car in a space reserved for a restaurant’s patrons all afternoon without permission, the owners may have you towed.

Sounds extreme? Imagine if you ran a business with limited parking spots for your customers, but non-patrons continued to fill them. That leaves those people who want to visit with less room to park, and they might abandon it altogether if they can’t find a convenient space.

That’s why business owners might call a local towing firm when they discover a car parked in their lot without permission.

Do you need to remove a vehicle from your private property?

Choose a towing business working with licensed tow truck operators to ensure a smooth experience. It’s vital that you use a trusted service to follow standard procedure and have cars removed from your property fairly.

Spark Towing’s towing services are available 24/7, so call us at any time to learn more!