Expert Boat Towing Services in San Diego

If you own a boat and you intend to travel with it, there are some ground rules you should get familiar with in order to get to your destination safely. A simple trip from your garage to the local port could be a challenging task, but with preparation and some practice you will be able to handle it. Here are some tips for doing boat towing right.

Boat Towing

How to Tow Your Boat Safely

When you are driving around as you tow your boat, make sure to watch the speed limit, and even keep your speed a few MPHs shy of it. You should also make sure that your vehicle is suitable for towing a boat and handling its weight, or else you are going to have a problem, and this is the last thing you want to happen during a drive. Your vehicle manufacturer handbook should have the maximum towing weight limit written in it, so you can make sure you don’t pass that limit.

Most people purchase a boat after already owning a vehicle, so make sure the weight of the boat is in accordance with your vehicle’s towing weight limit, before you finalize the purchase. Also take into consideration the weight of the trailer that will be connected to your vehicle, without the boat on it. In addition, when towing your boat, it should be well balanced from side to side and firmly secured with straps so it won’t topple off mid-drive.

Take It Is Easy

Always remember that you are carrying massive weight behind you, and as heavy as the trailer and the boat are, they are also massive. If you are about to make a stop on the way, at a restaurant, drive-through, gas station or any other place, you must take into consideration the width of your trailer. You must take wider turns, if your vehicle is not able to make it around a certain curve, your trailer surely won’t make it either.

Be aware of your driver license limitations. You should make sure you are allowed to drive a vehicle with a trailer attached to it, and you should also make sure what the weight limit that you are allowed to tow is. Regarding your insurance, aside from having your regular vehicle’s insurance, you must have a third-party cover for your trailer and your boat.

Lastly, if your boat’s motor is an outboard motor, you must have it protected with a bucket or reinforced plastic bag over it. All sharp edges and points of masts should be protected, this way injuries and other unpleasantries will also be avoided.

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