Tow Dolly Service in San Diego

San Diego is the land of adventure, even if that adventure is often flavored by trouble that needs great tow dolly services. Here at Spark Towing, we’ve seen it all; our technicians have been called in on everything from dead battery jumpstarts to accident recovery, and we’re proud to offer comprehensive assistance for any car trouble you might encounter. Our tow dolly services are not only reliable, they’re the fastest in San Diego with 24/7 availability! Our fast response time guarantee means that you’ll get help right when you need it.

Our Tow Dolly Service Team

Our company prizes the place we hold in the San Diego community, and we base our business practice upon the needs of the drivers here. We require that every technician at Spark Towing, including those who will respond to your call for tow dolly assistance, is highly trained and an expert in the field of towing. Our team members have been hand selected to fit the requirements we hold. Once hired, our technicians undergo hearty training and become knowledgeable in all the services we offer so as to provide you with the assistance you need. In addition to being locally owned and operated, Spark Towing is fully licensed and bonded, and we hold the permits necessary to tow any car make or model.

Professional Advice on Using a Tow Dolly

If you’re hoping to use a tow dolly yourself to hook up and haul away your own vehicle, let us extend our professional advice. Firstly, understand that towing a vehicle isn’t just a simple hook up and drive away. There are important rules that must be followed when towing, especially for your safety and the safety of others on the road. The most important of these rules is exercising caution while driving, i.e. driving slowly, slowing down going around turns, and avoiding backing as much as possible.

Additionally, make sure the dolly being used is strong enough to handle the weight load necessary. All of our tow dollies are capable of handling a ton or more.

Of course our technicians know the limits of these dollies and are ready and willing to provide assistance the entire time if necessary.

As professionals, we will always encourage our clientele to take advantage of professional assistance, as much as possible. Our technicians are specifically licensed to tow vehicles, whether upon a dolly or another towing device. Our team knows the area and has years of experience towing vehicles so they are ready to deal with any complications that arise.

When You Might Want a Tow Dolly

Tow dollies are the simplest way to tow an automatic transmission vehicle, and can be useful to you if you have broken down and need to get to a mechanic. You might also use a tow dolly in non-emergency situations for recreational or business purposes. When you need a tow dolly, no matter the reason, Spark Towing is ready to help you dolly your car away.

Spark Towing Tow Dolly Services

So! Whether you’re broken down or looking to transport a vehicle for recreational activities, Spark Towing dolly services are ready and willing, 24 hours a day. Our team provides great customer service backed up by great policies. Where else can you expect the lowest prices, quickest response time, constant availability, and incredible expertise you’ll find here at San Diego’s Spark Towing? If you need tow dolly service, you know who to call!