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Private Property Towing At Spark Towing

We often do not think about calling a towing company until our car breaks down on the side of the road or in unfortunate cases of an accident. We seldom think about the overall benefits that we can achieve by using a towing company.

The truth is, that a towing company could be used to serve for a lot more. At Spark Towing, we take pride in providing services that range from basic car towing, to short and long distances, to a complete locksmith service that will cover all of your vehicle’s needs.

What We Believe in

For a company that has been operating in North Hollywood for as long as we have, our top priority is establishing a firm connection between ourselves and the community that we serve. At Spark Towing our motivation comes from assisting our clients and maintaining a professional standard that is unmatched.

As clients of a big company such as Spark Towing, you will have an unlimited number of car solutions at your disposal. Our around the clock call center is always awaiting your calls with any of our dispatchers ready to send a trained expert to you within no more than 30 minutes.

Our Unique services

When you call Spark Towing you automatically receive an unprecedented rate which is both competitive and compelling. Among our many services you can receive:

Other amazing solutions to accommodate you at any time anywhere in North Hollywood:

For all these services and more, call us any hour at Spark Towing (818) 506 – 1968. We will love to inform you of our special services such as long distance towing and have you as part of our ever growing and ever satisfied client base. We will assist with any question that you have, quickly and gladly.


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