Car Battery Replacement in San Diego

You’re probably more than familiar with this next scenario. You walk up to your car, hit the remote control, and sense right then and there, that something is off. The electronic beep is not as strong as it used to be. You get in, insert your key into the ignition, switch it, and get nothing back but a faint, feeble, and daunting sound. That’s when you hit the speed dial to Spark Towing. There is no one that can handle such situations better than a reliable and licensed professional service provider, such as Spark Towing.

Professional car battery replacement

Once you contact our dispatch center an expert crew will hit the road headed to your location. Upon arrival, they will first check that both you and your car are out of harm’s way and are in no way endangered by oncoming traffic. Cars can sometimes get stuck in the oddest places so this step is an important one. Once your safety has been ascertained, our technicians will proceed to determine if the problem indeed lies with your car battery. If that’s the case and your car battery needs replacing, a brand new battery will be provided on spot and the old one will swiftly be replaced with the new battery, restoring life to your car and freeing you to get on with your day.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Like most things in life, getting your car battery replaced has its advantages and its disadvantages. While calling a certified service provider guarantees you’ll get a brand new battery that will keep going for several years and that the job will be expertly executed, it means you will have to part ways with a few bucks. Sometimes, it can be enough to get a friend or a neighbor to lend you a hand, provided they have jumper cables and simply jumpstart your car. While this course of action can save you a few bucks, it still has its drawbacks. Jumpstarting a car battery requires jumper cables which are sometimes unavailable. Furthermore, it requires some proficiency. Not everyone know how to jumpstart cars. And lastly, you can wind up in the same situation within a day or two.

Bottom line – when experiencing trouble with your car and suspecting its related to your battery – get the pros at Spark Towing to do what they’re best at!